TalentReady is an innovative psychometric tool that forecasts the future work performance and behaviour of individuals.

TalentReady predicts resilience, motivation, integrity, teamwork, intuition, adaptability and responsibility—all the qualities that enhance performance in the workplace.  Derived from over 5000 counterintuitive findings, the tool assesses the extent to which individuals perceive their lives as meaningful— a tendency that predicts these desired characteristics.

How can I apply TalentReady?

  • Recruitment Selection:  TalentReady can be utilized to assess job candidates of all occupations—and at all levels—to determine whether these individuals are likely to perform effectively and remain committed to the workplace.
  • Learning and Development: TalentReady enables organisations to identify individuals with excellent potential.  Furthermore, all of the attributes assessed by the questionnaire can be improved with practice.  The report presents a set of validated and targeted activities  that can be incorporated into individual learning plans to improve performance and fulfil this potential.

How does TalentReady work?

To complete the tests participants answer 39 questions online.  The purpose of each question is concealed but has been validated extensively. 
A detailed report is sent to both the candidate and the potential employer.   The report is simple to interpret and facilitates easy comparison of candidates. 

Why TalentReady?

TalentReady predicts job performance in relation to the non-technical aspects of a role and, therefore, fills an important gap in psychometric tests.  The chart below compares TalentReady to other common screening and selection tools:


Background Information

TalentReady was developed by an Australian academic, Dr Simon Moss, currently adjunct Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Monash University.

Derived from over 5,000 counterintuitive discoveries, TalentReady assesses the extent to which individuals perceive their lives as meaningful— a tendency that predicts these desired characteristics.

Some people experience a sense of purpose and meaning and exhibit resilience and persistence.  In particular, they feel inspired by some enduring and significant aspirations of the future.  Because of this orientation towards the future, they are willing to withstand some uncertainties, complexities, and difficulties now.  Therefore, these individuals seem inspired and resilient as well.

In general, individuals tend to experience this sense of purpose and resilience provided they exhibit four attributes:
  • A feeling of control, rather than anxiety, even when duties and expectations are ambiguous
  • Trust that colleagues and friends tend to be cooperative rather than competitive and unpredictable
  • Clarity in their aspirations, values, and priorities
  • Awareness of distinct strengths and acceptance of their limitations
All of these attributes increase capacity to perform.


Although the questions have been derived from hundreds of scientific studies, the instrument is not infallible.  Many unforeseen complications can be overlooked.   Therefore, to assess the suitability of candidates, further information should be derived from job interviews and other exercises.   

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