The TalentReady report provides insight into an individual's capacity to perform; and recommended activities designed to improve performance capability.
Candidates and Employers receive a detailed report in PDF format, which can also be accessed online.  The report is simple and easy to interpret.

TalentReady generates four scores for specific attributes, in addition to an overall ‘Capacity to Perform’ score.  

The Capacity to Perform Score
The Capacity to Perform score is a rolled-up score, based on how an individual responded to all of the questions in the questionnaire.  We recommend employers use the Capacity to Perform score when comparing candidates for recruitment selection purposes.
Someone who has a strong Capacity to Perform  is likely to be engaged, motivated, resilient, intuitive, creative, and committed at work.  He or she will probably be humble, tolerant, responsible, and flexible as well.   
Attribute Scores

The attribute scores are based on how an individual responded to specific questions related to each attribute.  Below are the definitions of each attribute:
  • Cooperative:  supportive and helpful, rather than competitive and independent; will probably flourish in teams and be inclined to sacrifice his or her personal interests to help other colleagues.
  • Adaptable:  likely to be motivated to develop skills, and capabilities, as opposed to being unyielding; will probably learn tasks and concepts effectively; is likely to be very receptive to feedback and criticism.
  • Resilient: likely to embrace changes and tolerate stress, as opposed to being sensitive to change; may work effectively even in stressful and unpredictable environments; can readily adapt his or her behaviour in response to changes at work.
  • Considered:  likely to enjoy thinking and reaching decisions carefully, as opposed to being impulsive; will probably be especially effective when tasks are complex, difficult, or novel.  
The report provides explanatory text for each attribute, in relation to the individual's scores.

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